Requisites under Section 4(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957

While applying for the proposed notification under section 4(1) of the CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 for the allotted block, the Government Company must ensure that the following requisites are enclosed/ fulfilled. Deficient proposal will not be taken for processing.

  • Application requesting MOC for issue of Gazette Notification giving details of the Project/Block. Copy of the Project Approval or prospecting letter / Block allotment letter/Approval of the CMD concerned is to be enclosed
  • Five copies of plan showing the block area with village boundaries and village schedule to be notified at 1” = 1 miles or 1” = 2 miles scale, considering block size in A3 size paper.
  • Certificate confirming that coal is likely to be found in the area proposed to be notified and the basis of such assumption with documentary evidence/reports etc. (Specimen of the certificate is given at Format No.1A)
  • Certificate confirming that the area proposed to be notified has not been leased out to any other person or party by the State Government / Central Government for any other purpose. (Specimen of the certificate is given at Format No. 1B)
  • Certificate confirming that the Plans or village Schedules have been prepared on the basis of Survey of India Toposheet/ Revenue plan. (Specimen of the certificate is given at Format No.1C)
  • A proposed draft notification under Section 4(1) of the CBA Act in respect of the coal block/ area in English and in Hindi (both hard copy as well as soft copy). (Specimen of the draft notification, both English and Hindi version is given at Format No. 1D).